Writing Checklist

 writingSome of you were asking for the Writing Checklist I created for my students.  Reminder each one is individualized to the students needs.  This is just a cheat sheet for the kids to look at on their desk or tables.  The revision and editing checklist for them to use is in their writing folders or notebooks.  If we are doing Social Studies or some other assignment the cheat sheet will always be there.

Enjoy this.  All you have to do is cut and paste into a word document and edit to your kids needs. Look out soon to come my teachers store on TPT.

Writing Checklist

  • My writing paper is all in the past tense (For example: was)
  • My writing paper consists of capital letters at the beginning of every sentence.
  • My writing paper consists of indentations when a new paragraph begins.
  • My writing paper consists of all capital I’s at the beginning or middle of a sentence.

Any questions feel free to ask away.  I am here for all of you 🙂

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