Our Story

              This website was created by Marc Stegman and with the help of Matt Schuller.  I want to say thank you to Matt for all the help he has given.  This website is based on the Facebook group Teachers Helping Teachers Grow.  We are working hard to make this website beneficial for all teachers of different grades and cities and states, countries.    The Facebook group and website were created with all teachers in mind.

One day I was getting myself prepared for the beginning of the school year and I was looking up some information online that I could not find.  It was very hard to get this information I needed.  I thought to myself, why is it so hard to find this information for teachers on the internet?  I know it is here because everything is available on the internet.  I wish someone would assist me with this.  Then I thought I am going to start a chat group to help teachers find information.  A place we can all go to ask for assistance from other teachers.  Then, Teachers Helping Teachers Grow was created.  If you need to  contact me, please email me at msteggy@gmail.com.

Meet the Team



Marc Stegman-   Founder of website and creator of Teachers helping Teachers Grow on Facebook.